Root Cause Resolution

We have several years of industrial troubleshooting experience on various integrated control systems, including hydraulic and pneumatic. RPM Automation works with in-house maintenance teams as well as working independently to deliver customer satisfaction when resolving costly breakdown issues.


Industry Experience

Manufacturing; tires, food, steel, concrete products

Pulp/Paper - De-barker to finishing line

Oil and Gas - plants and pipelines

Water/wastewater treatment

Material handling/warehouse
distribution systems


Experience with many brands

We are familiar with various brands of PLC hardware/software, VFD/DC drives, and HMIs.

Often, it is the customer’s choice on brand names when planning a new project. When it is our choice, we use the most reliable and cost effective for the job.


RPM Automation Inc was formed in 2005 to answer the need for a smaller, flexible automation consulting company.

We deliver reliable high-tech solutions to enhance productivity and safety with focus on maximizing customer profitability.

RPM Automation Inc also teams with larger consulting corporations to provide effective project solutions.